Cloud Based Services

No More Copper Phone Lines?

Cloud based voice service and systems are becoming more prevalent as businesses embrace the cloud for many purposes like fax service, conferencing, data storage and backup, Web-based e-mail, hosted CRM, collaboration, and more.

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Hosted PBX and Cloud Phone Systems

A cloud based phone system takes the PBX traditionally installed at your place of business and hosts it on cloud based servers. IP phones are deployed at your site using an internet connection. In many cases, good candidates for cloud communication are companies with distributed operations across multiple locations and cities, companies that employ remote teleworkers, and SOHO and sole proprietorships.

At Crockett Communications we have partnered with two providers of VoIP services for Cloud Telephony and for SIP Trunking, Intermedia and RingCentral, to ensure quality and reliability for our customers.

In some cases, advanced features that come with many hardware solutions are more costly to a business at the outset, so we’re pleased to have a variety of options for you to consider.

A Virtual PBX offers organizations an alternative to the cash purchase of a phone system – a monthly expense, often comparable to a lease purchase payment. Customers pay monthly charges, or may prepay annually, and the cost depends on the number of users and amount of usage.

Watch this video to learn more about RingCentral Office Cloud Phone System.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks are dial tone (lines), supplied to companies with an IP-PBX installed onsite, where voice traffic runs across the provider’s network, and the connection to that network is made with public or dedicated internet access at the business’s location.


SIP Trunking is increasingly replacing T1/PRI circuits as well as analog POTS lines very cost effectively. So economical, switching to this delivery of service often helps to offset the cost of acquiring a new telephone system. And upgrading to new technology gives your people faster and simpler ways to communicate and also makes administration easier.

As Certified Integration Partners with Intermedia, Crockett Communications will assist in assessing your network for QoS, Quality of Service. We set up a 72-Hour VoIP Test where simulated voice traffic runs across your internet connection (BYOB – Bring Your Own Bandwidth) based on the number of simultaneous calls your business will need.

The test measures critical pieces such as Connectivity (loss of internet connectivity); Jitter (inconsistency in packet timing); Packet Loss (dropping of packets due to congestion); and Latency (packets taking too long to arrive).

The VoIP Test produces a complete “picture” of your network’s suitability for VoIP so we can be aware of issues and address them before they become problems that affect your business.

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