iStock_000017588843XSmallTodd Mininger, Technical Analyst

Laurie is a rare gem when it comes to service providers. Not only was she dependable, very friendly and personable, but she has great knowledge of her products and systems. She has the uncommon ability to explain and educate her customers so that they can easily understand and allow them to become more confident with their systems. Laurie does not try to sell a product the customer does not need but rather recommends a solid product based on a customer’s needs, budget, and future goals. I always had the utmost confidence in Laurie and knew she had my best interest in mind.

Bob Eskridge, Certified Physician Recruiter

I have known Laurie for about 17 years now. Laurie and her firm TDI, at the time, were instrumental in getting a phone system for my company which had relocated to Austin from Las Cruces, NM. I highly recommend you meet Laurie and her team if you have any telecommunications needs. She is a wonderful person to know and will take care of you before, during and after the sale.

Heather Bedwell, Director
Membership Services & Administration
Austin Country Club

Crockett Communications was great to work with during pre-installation, training and implementation of the new VoIP System. They took the time to get all of our specifications and pre-program and test everything. They’ve also continued to be responsive and supportive when we’ve wanted changes or had questions following the installation.

Andrew N. Barrett
Barrett & Associates PLLC

It is with the greatest zeal that I recommend Crockett Communications, Inc. to you for providing outstanding business phone system care. Crockett Communications brought my firm out of the caveman era, albeit kicking and screaming, and into the modern age. Most importantly, Crockett Communications provides excellent customer service. Both Laurie, and her husband Jim and their team are always available and willing to drop everything to help you. They don’t just throw equipment at you and tell you to figure it out for yourself. They explain the process in understandable terms, and continue to help you down the road. And on a more personal note, Laurie and Jim are delightful people to do business with – knowledgeable, understanding, and quick witted. In short I highly recommend

Elizabeth Biggers
Biggers & Ohanian, LLP

Crockett Communications has taken care of all our telephone needs for over seven years. During that time we have relocated our office and had many, many ‘move this extension over there and change the name for that phone’ exercises. Crockett is always on time, always does what they say they will do and is always affordable. I can recommend Crockett Communications with no reservations.

Lisa Colley
Colley & Colley, L.L.P.

Crockett Communications is a professional, experienced and friendly company which plays a vital role in our ability to run efficiently. Recently, our national internet provider had not been able to solve a significant issue within their system after making seven trips to our office.   Jim diagnosed the issue in one visit – saving our office a tremendous amount of money and frustration. The national internet provider told us that our guy “knew his business” and to “hold on to him”! We highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality service you can trust.